What is a System Built Home?

The term “system-built home” is a home built through some type of systemized construction process. Unlike “stick-built” homes that are constructed on-site one piece or “stick” at a time, these systems automate the home building process and can help to achieve higher levels of quality and efficiency. To make this easier to understand, this process …

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Whats happening to lumber prices and why are they increasing?

Why is the price of lumber so high? 2021 Get the Inside Scoop!

The initial slump was a product of the global shutdown in response to the novel Corona Virus outbreak. Construction operations in most locations were shut down, and lumber mills and other processing facilities were left with an excess supply of material. So, are you wondering what caused lumber to increase from roughly $200 per 1000 board feet to over $350 per 1000 board feet?