Before Building your new home checklist

Before Building Your New Home Checklist: Need To Know Topics 2021

Before building your new home, you should have a checklist covering what you should know, way before your home design process can begin. Coming prepared with the essential information will save you time, money, and frustration in the long run. Knowing your all-in budget, lot building restrictions, and county requirements, are some of the main overlooked topics.

Our project managers have come together to create this essential checklist of what you should know before building your new home.

hand crafted timber frame entryway

What is a Timber Frame Home?

What is Timber Frame and what make it unique? There are many misconceptions regarding the timber frame building process and that is why we have created this article. We will cover all the aspects that go into timber framing, along with the different construction process, that are typically paired with a timber frame home.

Trinity Building Systems - The cost to build a prefab house graphic image.

The True Cost To Build a Prefab House in 2021

You may have heard us say that our structures typically cost 3 to 5 times the cost of the material package to be constructed. So, in an effort to help you better understand how the multitude of variables impacts the cost of each structure, we have created a short guide. Tune in and learn the True Cost to Build a Prefab Home.

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