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10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Building a Custom Prefab Home


Interest rates are low and there has never been a better time to finance a custom prefabricated house! That being said, we understand that building a custom home is a major investment. That’s why it is so important to approach the project with a plan that suits your individual needs.

Unlike many other Prefab providers, Trinity Building Systems in house design team can help take your plan and turn it into the structure of your dreams, rather than relying on a specific set number of models or designs. 

Therefore, if you can provide us with answers to the following ten questions, we can truly tailor the structure to meet your specific needs and desires.

Let's Get Started on Planning Your Custom Prefab Home!

What are the Basic Criteria for the Structure?

  • How much room (square footage) is necessary to accommodate your needs?
  • What are your desires for the layout of the floor plan? (How would you like the house to flow from one room into the next)
  • How many bedrooms are needed?
  • How many full bathrooms would you like? How about half bathrooms?
  • If you are interested in a garage, how many vehicles would it need to accommodate?
  • Are you interested in extra shop space?
  • Would you like an outdoor living space? If so, would you like it covered or open, and how large?

What Are Your In Home Privacy Needs?

  • Would you like for the Master Bedroom to be secluded from the rest of the house?
  • If you would like to include a junior/in-law suite, where would you prefer that it be located? 
  • How about the rest of the bedrooms?

How to Best Accommodate For Views?

Our goal is to help design your prefabricated structure in a way that allows you to take full advantage of the views your property has to offer. 

  • What kind of views are available on the property?
  • Is there a large “grand view” over the property and the surrounding area?
  • Or, is there more of a secluded “peekaboo” style view that you would like to focus more attention on?

What is the Slope of the Site?

  • Is the proposed site on a flat slope, on a gentle slope, or on a steep grade?
  • Is the site composition rocky and hard to excavate?
  • Or, is the site on soft ground that can be easily cleared for the foundation?
  • Is there currently a system in place for water waste?

Where Will the Home Be placed on the Site?

  • How far is the placement of the site from services (electrical, gas, water, etc)?
  • How far will the structure be from the nearest road?

The answers to these questions can impact the cost of running electrical, sewer, and water if your home is far from utilities on the lot. Beyond just the utilities,  the location of the site determines the grading and materials required to construct a solid driveway. All of which will influence the pricing of the turnkey build. 

What would you like for exterior design elements?

  • What are the important design elements you would like to see outside of your home?
  • Is there a particular look or style you would like to achieve with the structure?
  • Do you have any examples you could provide our design team to help them bring your ideas to reality?

What style of Interior Design Best Suits Your Needs?

  • What are your goals for the interior design?
  • How would you like to personalize the interior of the home?
  • Do you prefer timber elements, rustic finishes or fixtures, or more of a clean, modern design?
  • What is your preferred flooring? Hardwood, Carpet, Tile, Etc…

How Do You plan to heat or Cool the Home?

  • What is most important for you in terms of heating or cooling the home?
  • Do you prefer wood burning stove or fireplace? 
  • Or, would you rather simplify the process using gas or electric heating?
  • How about a mix of both?
  • Is Air Conditioning necessary for your proposed location?
  • Or, would proper ventilation be sufficient for cooling?

How committed are you to Maintaining The Structure once it is Built?

Depending on the materials you choose for the exterior finishes on your project, proper maintenance is something that you will have to consider. 

  • Where is the proposed structure going to be located and in what type of climate zone?
  • How much time are you willing to put into maintaining the exterior finishes? 
  • If you are not able to perform the maintenance yourself, are you willing to hire that work out?
Hard wood materials such as siding that are regularly exposed to the elements require proper treatment in order to preserve and protect them for wear and tear. Understanding this aspect of custom home building will help you make more educated decisions on how to balance the materials that are exposed to the elements. 

What is Your Budget for the Project?

  • What are you comfortable with as far as the budget for the turnkey build?
    • Factoring in Design, Materials, Labor, & all Other Expenses
  • Will you need new construction financing to get your project started? We can help!
At Trinity Building Systems we help provide you with the designs and materials needed for your structure. The turnkey pricing on your structure will often range between 3 to 5 times the cost of the material package depending on the location of the site and your personal choices for interior finishes. 
For more information on pricing out your turnkey build, get in touch with one of our project managers!

Want more Information?

If you are unsure or unable to answer some of the questions featured throughout this article, the Trinity Building Systems team is here to help. Either shoot us a quick message using the live chat in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, give us a call, or send us a message and we will be in touch to discuss your project further. 

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