3 Timber Frame House Plans to Help Inspire Your Upcoming Project


Snow has officially started to fall here in Southwest Colorado, and our full-on winter season is just around the corner. For many of us (in colder climates), this signifies the time of the year to focus on plans and designs for the upcoming Spring and Summer season.

If you’re planning to build in 2021, there is no better time to get started on design to ensure that you’ll be ready to break ground in the spring and have your home dried in by fall. 

Take a look through 3 Unique Timber Frame House Plans and gather inspiration for your upcoming new construction project.

  1. Timber Frame Cabin Plan
  2. Modern Timber Frame House Plan
  3. Timber Frame Mountain Home Plan

The Parkrose - Timber Frame Cabin Plan

The Parkrose timber frame cabin is a Trinity Building Systems family favorite. Originally designed to sit nestled in the woods of Chama, NM, the Parkrose features unique design elements that help take advantage of the outdoor beauty.

Main Level

The 360° wraparound patio on the Parkrose provides a perfect outdoor living and entertaining space for friends, family, and other guests. 

Paired with an open floor plan on the main level, the great room, dining room, and kitchen are all easily accessible, providing a smooth traffic flow both indoors and out.

Upper Level

The upper level of the Parkrose Timber Frame House Plan features an expansive junior suite, full bathroom, and loft-style overlook into the great room and dining room below. 

Included in the junior suite is an 8’x12’ upper-level deck that provides the perfect location for sipping your morning coffee, reading a book in the summertime, or watching the sunset in the evening.

The Suncadia - Modern Timber Frame House Plan

The Suncadia, modern timber frame house plan, is a standalone model here at Trinity Building Systems.

Historically, Timber Frame has been associated with a more classical, lodge or chalet style of architecture. The Suncadia breaks free from that context and delivers on the aesthetic of modern architecture while still maintaining the timeless and rustic look provided by exposed timbers.

Main Level

The main level of the Suncadia has was designed with traffic flow and accessibility in front of mind. 

Not sure what traffic flow is? Check out our “Top 10 Floor Plan Design Tips”

Designing the main level to include the kitchen, master bedroom, garage, and living room is an excellent move for accessibility, especially if you’re planning to build a forever home. It minimizes the distance you need to travel between the primary living spaces in your home, ultimately making it easier to travel from the garage to the kitchen, bedroom to bathroom, and kitchen to indoor and outdoor dining locations.

Upper Level

On the Suncadia model’s upper level, we have designed an entertainment area with bunks that can be utilized as a guest bedroom, children’s bedroom, office, etc.

 Don’t need the extra space? The upper level on the Suncadia can easily be removed from the plans and converted into a ranch style, single-level floor plan.

The Summit - Timber Frame Mountain Home Plan

The Summit House Plans are representative of the name. With large vaulted ceilings throughout the primary living spaces, a glance into the summit model plans will have you feeling like you’re on top of the world. 

Originally designed to be constructed using post and beam framing, the Summit can be modified as an authentic, mortise & tenon timber-framed structure through and through.

Main Level

Similar to what you saw in the Suncadia Floor plan, the Summit’s floor plan was designed to maximize traffic flow and accessibility throughout. The great room boasts massive vaulted ceilings, floor to roof windows, and plenty of open space for entertaining. 

Three of four bedrooms in the Summit are located on the main level, including the master, with easy access to the garage, kitchen, and dining/great room.

Upper Level

Included in the house plans’ upper level is the fourth bedroom, which can act as a bedroom or an entirely separate inlaw suite depending on your needs. An office, exercise area, full bathroom, and balcony adjacent to the room makes for a nearly complete unit.

Like what you see, but want to switch it up?

When planning to build a Timber Frame House, it always helps to begin by gathering inspiration and ideas of what you would like to see in your home based on other projects.

The house plans displayed above can be engineered, materials prefabricated, and sent your way for assembly. But, we prefer to look at our designs as a starting point for our initial conversation that can be used to help guide your custom design process. 

Rather than providing a one size fits all “kit”, we work on designing and developing a unique solution to fit your project’s goals, both financially and aesthetically. Contact a TBS project manager to learn more about our custom solutions today!

If you are interested in more information please fill out the form below. We look forward to speaking with you!