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Purchasing a floor plan from Trinity Building Systems is simple!

You can use this link to head on over to our quote form. Please specify whether you are interested in a pre-existing plan, modifying a plan, or customizing a plan from the ground up. 

Based on your information, one of our project managers will reach out to further discuss your plans.

Engineering is plan specific and depends on several variables! Because we engineer each plan specific to your local requirements, we want to make sure we have a conversation before providing you a quote.

You can always give us a call or reach out using the live chat in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen if you would like a project-specific question answered on the spot!

Custom Plans: (Included with TBS Material Package)

Designing custom plans is an entirely unique process for every client we work with. Numerous variables impact the timeline and overall cost of custom design, and each variable is project-specific.

Here are a few variable to consider:

  • Size of Structure
  • The complexity of Architectural Design
  • # of Major Revisions
  • Level of Preparation!

To help prepare yourself for successful floor plan design, check out a few of these resources listed below:

  • Blog 1
  • Blog 2
  • Blog 3

Once you feel prepared to start the conversation, reach out to one of our project managers with information specific to your project and budget goals. We will use that information to provide a quote for the proposed design.

Contact a Trinity Building Systems Project Manager and start the conversation about your custom design today!

Modified Plans:

We consider plan modification as 1 or more “major” change(s) to the original floor plan. Changing the location of an entryway, shifting the structure’s orientation, or changing a door/window placement here or there is not “major.” 

Here are a few examples of what we consider a “major” modification to be:

  • Changes to the footprint of the home
  • Changes to the location of stairs
  • Additions of extra living or garage space not included in the original plans

The list goes on, but you get the point! With plan modification, you dictate the overall cost of the design with your choices.

Major modifications require hands-on work from our architectural design and structural engineering teams, making rates comparable to an entirely custom design.

Keep in mind; design fees are included in our material package pricing when you choose to work with Trinity Building Systems on a custom solution for your project.

Request a Quote For Plan Modification!

We do not offer plans without structural engineering at Trinity Building Systems unless it is for a very specific custom design project.

In order for plans to be of any use to our clients, they must be engineered; because without structural engineering, home plans cannot be used for construction. Our goal is not to sell you a set of plans you sit on and never use, but to provide you with the foundation for the custom timber home project you’ve always dreamed of. 

Learn about our custom home solutions – Design, Engineering, Material Prefabrication, & Turnkey Assistance.


It typically takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month to have the set of pre-existing plans you have selected engineered for your local area. 

In order to get the best estimate, we recommend you fill out our quote form with as much information as possible. That way, one of our project managers can reach out with a timeline estimate more fitting to your request. 

Depending on where we have built the structure in the past (it could be quicker if we have built one close to you) or unique environmental factors associated with your lot (snow load, seismic load, wind load, etc.), the timeline can vary. 

Request a quote for the engineering of pre-existing plans!

There are 3 components of the custom design process that must be considered when discussing the timeline:

  1. Conceptual & Schematic Design – Avg 4 to 6 Weeks
    1. This is the process of putting your planning to paper. You’ll work 1 on 1 with a design specialist to bring your ideas and inspirations to light.
  2. Construction Detailing and Engineering – Avg 6 to 8 Weeks
    1. Once you are satisfied with your plans, we will begin construction detailing and have the plans submitted for structural engineering.
  3. Permitting Approval – 2 Weeks to 6 Months
    1. Once the plans have been engineered, we will have them submitted to your local jurisdiction for approval, ensuring you are construction ready.

The custom home design process is unique to each client, their project, and where they are building. Timeliness can be streamlined or extended based on several reasons, but our greatest piece of advice is not to rush! 

Take your time with planning, and reach out to a Trinity Building Systems project manager when you are ready to get started on the Timber Home Design of your dreams.

You can learn more about our design process by checking out our building system process. We touch on each element of our custom home solution; Design, Engineering, Material Prefabrication, and Turnkey Assistance.

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